Quality US Made Cast Alloy Construction.

Brushless electric fuel pump.

   99.9% filtration efficiency of particulate and water contamination to 2 microns.

“Water In Fuel” and “Blocked Fuel System” warnings.

Self-venting drain.

Plug-in wiring loom.


Welcome to the ultimate in diesel filtration!

Quality US-Made Cast Alloy Construction

Elite Fuel Systems use only quality alloy castings for its filter assemblies. This ensures long service life and the ability to withstand the rigors of everyday vehicle use, whether it be normal daily driving, off-roading or commercial use in any application.

Brushless Electric Fuel Pump

The choice of a brushless fuel pump ensures that the system will offer years of reliable service, provide consistent flow and pressure through the filter assembly, and reduce the number of internal items that can wear and cause failure. The pump is incorporated in the filter housing, so the unit is compact and self-contained.

High Efficiency Filtration

The filter element used in the Elite Filter System has been chosen after extensive bench and field testing. It will filter out 99.9% of particulate and water contaminates down to 2 microns. Whilst many other filters appeared promising in the initial stages, continued testing proved that they eventually failed and allowed contaminates through in the long-term test bench system. Whilst testing was carried out to the extreme, surpassing what would normally occur in everyday use, we had to ensure that the filter and pump would be able to cope with any filtration situation that it may encounter to guarantee that only clean fuel would be allowed to pass through to the injector pump. The filter chosen in the system has survived excessive abuse over extended periods and displayed no ill effects, capturing all contaminates and remaining completely intact.

“Water In Fuel” and “Blocked Fuel System” Warnings

Whilst the filter used in our system is extremely efficient at stopping contaminates in their tracks, you still need to be aware of when it has done it’s job and collected enough problem substances to require attention. To this end, a warning system has been built into each filter assembly. A sensor in the bowl of the filter and a pressure sensor activate a dash mounted warning system to let you know of any potential issues well before there is any damage to your engine or fuel system.

Self-Venting Drain

The Elite Fuel Systems filter assembly is fitted with a self-venting drain at the base of the fuel bowl. If the “Drain Water” warning light activates, you simply stop the vehicle, switch off the engine, open the drain valve and the contaminates are removed from the bowl. Simple!

Plug-in Wiring Loom

A high quality hand-made wiring loom is included in the Elite Fuel Systems kit. The loom is quick and easy to fit, and requires no cutting of the original vehicle factory wiring.

Benefits of installing the Elite Fuel Systems filter:

-Prevents injector pump and injector damage by supplying clean fuel at constant pressure from start-up.

-Internal fuel pump delivers improved power and engine smoothness at low rpm by allowing the injection system to work efficiently.

-Reduced start-up rattle.

-Warning system activates before any damage occurs to your fuel system and engine.

-Reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

-Simple and easy to use water drain.

-Quality wiring loom included, no cutting of factory vehicle wiring required.

-Comprehensive fitting instructions included.

For fitting instructions and a complete list of parts included in the Elite Fuel Systems Filter Kit,

please visit the EXTRAS page.

Dash mounted warning system