This is a very good question. You may be thinking that the factory fuel filter on your diesel car, off-roader or truck is enough to catch any contaminates circulating through the fuel system and keep it clean. If you have had a look at our “Filter System” page, you will know that this is definitely not the case!

Apart from the usual contaminates that find their way into your fuel tank, such as fine particulates (dust and dirt, pollen, etc), we also see many systems with water contamination. Whilst this is dangerous to the health of your fuel system and can cause damaging friction and corrosion, there is also another issue related to water.

The Dreaded “Diesel Fuel Bug”

The term “Fuel Bug” or “Fuel Virus” is used to cover a wide variety of bacterial strains that can find a home in your fuel tank. In fact, there are more than 27 different varieties that can enter undetected and lay dormant. Once water enters the system and the correct temperatures are reached, the bacteria start to multiply, doubling their numbers every twenty minutes. This means that a single bacteria can swell and multiply into 260,000 bacteria in a period of only 6 hours! Given the right conditions, a 10kg mass can grow from a single cell in only 12 hours.

Unfortunately, certain bacteria, once actively reproducing, form a film on fuel system parts and produce some rather nasty by-products which can attack and corrode metal parts, and are dangerous to both your fuel system and yourself. Due to its reproductive rates, the bacterial can also accumulate in such quantities that it restricts fuel flow through the injection system, resulting in poor performance and economy, rough running and hard starting.

For more detailed information, take a look at THIS WEBSITE for an explanation.

Asphaltene Contamination.

Todays modern diesel fuel systems are also coming under threat from another substance found in diesel fuel.

Asphaltenes are highly polarized long chain molecules which under suitable circumstances agglomerate into an oily sludge which can quickly clog filters and coat components, resulting in rough running, poor fuel economy and performance, hard starting and eventual damage to expensive fuel system components.

Asphaltenes cause more issues where water is present in fuels, and once fuel temperatures rise above 60 degrees Celcius, these minute particles start to stick together. Most modern diesels run with fuel circulating through the system at 100 degrees Celcius or above. Factory fitted fuel filters will not catch either the water that is suspended in all diesel fuel, or these minute Asphaltene particles, so a method of removing these contaminates before they cause expensive damage is required.

The Elite Fuel Systems Team Has The Solution!

The Elite team has worked hard on a solution to help rid your fuel system of not only normal water and particulate contamination, but also bacterial contaminates and Asphaltenes. The Elite Diesel Injector Cleaning System uses a larger version of the filter used in the Elite Filter System, so you get the same 2 micron water and particulate trapping capabilities whilst your fuel system is being cleaned.

The Elite system also houses an aluminium chemical tank, a high performance fuel pump, and includes hoses and fittings required to connect to most diesel vehicles. This is housed in a sturdy metal case, allowing easy portability and storage. A 1 litre mix of equal parts cleaning chemical and diesel fuel is held in the tank, and pumped through the injector pump with the engine running. The vehicle will actually run solely on this mix for up to an hour, whilst the chemical solution does it’s work (and you continue to do yours!). The advantage of this system is that it breaks down, removes and collects contaminates. Competitors cleaning systems work by also allowing the engine to run on the cleaning solution, but the contaminates and deposits are broken down but not effectively removed, being left inside fuel system components to pass through the injector pump and injectors, sometimes causing more wear and damage as they exit into the combustion chamber, or returned to the fuel tank to continue to circulate through the fuel system. Once recirculated, Asphaltenes in particular will begin to recombine and your system is quickly not much better off than before it was cleaned. The Elite system captures and removes contaminates during the cleaning process. We want to protect your engine, not cause it more issues!

Customers and mechanics have been amazed at the amount of particulate, bacterial and Asphaltene matter filtered from the fuel systems of vehicles by the cleaning system. The photos below show how much harmful matter can be removed in a single clean by the Elite Fuel Systems Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner:

“Why Do I Need To Have My Diesel Fuel System Professionally Cleaned?”

Living bacterial matter (grey sludge) removed from injector pump by the Elite Cleaning System

This photo shows Asphaltene, tar-like  substances dissolved and dislodged by the cleaning process and removed from the fuel system.

Cleaning Chemicals

Restore Fuel System Cleaner

The cleaning solution used in our Diesel Injector Cleaning System is a high-performance blend of chemicals designed to remove deposits and strip the injector pump and injectors of bacterial contaminants, Ashpaltenes and carbon build-up. It will kill the bacteria that can cause problems, both when used in the process of cleaning with our machine, and also when used as an additive in your fuel tank between cleans. It even works wonders for petrol engines as a fuel tank additive! Elite Fuel Systems can supply Restore Fuel System Cleaner in 5 litre containers (pictured) or in larger quantities as requested. Please contact us for pricing via email or phone, details of which are on the CONTACT US page.


Elite Fuel Systems will only warrant the Elite Diesel Injector Cleaning System when it is used with our own Elite Restore Fuel System Cleaner solution. Our solution has been rigorously tested and found to be 100% compatible with this machine, it’s components and the filters we supply. Use of other brands or types of cleaning solution or chemical in the Elite Diesel Injector Cleaning System could result in damage to internal pump and filters, reduced filtering abilities and possible damage to the fuel system of the vehicle being serviced. Use of any other chemicals in this machine will void all manufacturers warranty, either stated or implied.

For an independent review of the Elite Fuel Systems Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, please visit our EXTRAS page and click on the “Cleaning System Review” link.

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner